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Hi, my name is Arta. I am the founder of Analina's Kitchen. I live in NJ with my husband and two girls.  From a little girl I was always in the kitchen cooking with my Mother & Grandmother. I was amazed how we could take food and turn it into something delicious to eat. Even more impressive was how visually beautiful food could be.
As I grew older and continued to cook with my family I realized there was one ingredient in everything they made-Love.
I have carried this passion and love of cooking with me through life and have passed it onto my daughters. They are always in the kitchen with me and I can see in them the same amazement I had about cooking.
My ingredients are organic and locally sourced to ensure quality and freshness. I hope you allow me to make you something beautiful and delicious.
Thank you for visiting my page.
Founder of Analina's Kitchen

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